International Women’s Strike 2017

The call for this International Women’s Strike (IWS) follows mass protest in 2016 against men’s violence in Argentina and the criminalisation of abortion in Poland, and the women’s marches against Trump which mobilised millions in the US and 60 other countries, including 100,000 in the UK. The Women’s March UK and US are endorsing the IWD call. Women in over 40 countries are taking part so far. We will take time off from waged and unwaged work – the whole day, hours or minutes – to protest, march, flash mob, put a broom outside our door, hang a banner from the window . . .

To join, call a huddle where you are or come to ours, work out your demands and actions, publicise them – we can help.

​ In London, the Global Women’s Strike and Women of Colour GWS are coordinating actions against violence, poverty, discrimination, exploitation and war.
Support Statements:

Participating organisations so far

All African Women’s Group, Black Women’s Rape Action Project, English Collective of Prostitutes, Legal Action for Women, Queer Strike, Single Mothers’ Self-Defence, WinVisible (women with visible and invisible disabilities), Women Against Rape.

​Men who support our goals welcome. Contact: Payday men’s network

Countries taking part in the IWS so far. 
See list here.

Action: some suggestions.

● total strike – stop work, housework, caregiving for the whole day
● part-time strike – stop production/work for 1 or 2 hours
● set up an “out of office” auto-reply and explain why
● boycott companies that use sexist advertising, speak to the workers
● boycott local misogynists (to be selected by you)
● sex strike – some sex workers plan to charge double instead
● shopping strike
● block roads and streets
● demonstrations, pickets, marches
● if you can’t stop work wear black clothes, ribbon, hat . . .


Below is the statement from the Strike organisers in the US, which the Global Women’s Strike has been part of. We hope you will agree to endorse the statement.An End to Gender Violence​

All women deserve a life free of violence, both domestic and institutional.  Working women, trans women, and women of color face the worst aspects of direct institutionalized violence, be it in the form of police brutality, immigration raids, or day-to-day violence in the form of state policies that create and consolidate poverty in our communities.  Against all such state and personal violence, we demand that our lives and labor be treated with dignity for they form the basis of this society.  ​

Reproductive Justice For All

We stand for full reproductive justice for all women, cis and trans.  We want complete autonomy over our bodies and full reproductive freedom.  We demand free abortion without conditions and affordable healthcare for all, irrespective of income, race or citizenship status. The history of sterilization of women of color in this country goes hand in hand with the attack on abortion rights.  Reproductive justice for us means the freedom to choose both whether to have children and when to have them.

Labor Rights

Labor rights are women’s rights because women’s paid labor in the workplace and unpaid labor at home is the basis of wealth in our society. All over the world millions of women are forced to work for slave wages in dangerous sweatshops and other ‘hell factories’ that kill thousands every year. In the United States 46% of union members are women and a majority of them are women of color. All women, irrespective of citizenship status, sexuality or race, must have equal pay for equal work, $15 minimum wage, including for caregivers, free universal child care, paid maternity leave, sick leave, paid family leave and the freedom to organize a fighting union in the workplace. As working women who hold up half the sky we refuse to be divided over the kind of labor we perform, whether skilled or unskilled, formal or informal, sex work and domestic work.

Full Social Provisioning

Decades of neoliberal policies have seen the violent dismantling of social provisioning that has affected all women.  While our working lives have been made increasingly precarious, social services that might have provided a safety net against such harsh exploitation of labor, have either been attacked or removed completely.  Against these attacks, we demand an expansive restructuring of the American welfare system to serve the needs of the majority, such as universal healthcare, robust unemployment and social security benefits, and free education for all. We demand that the welfare system work to support our lives rather than shame us when we access such rights.

For an Antiracist and Anti-imperialist Feminism

Against the open white supremacists in the current government and the far right and anti-Semites they have given confidence to, we stand for an uncompromising anti-racist and anti-colonial feminism. This means that movements such as Black Lives Matter, the struggle against police brutality and mass incarceration, the demand for open borders and for immigrant rights and for the decolonization of Palestine are for us the beating heart of this new feminist movement.  We want to dismantle all walls, from prison walls to border walls, from Mexico to Palestine. 

Environmental Justice for All

We believe that both social inequality and environmental degradation are due to an economic system that puts profit before people. We demand instead that the earth’s natural resources be preserved and sustained to enrich our lives and those of our children. The struggle of Water Protectors against the Dakota Access Pipe Line inspires us. The emancipation of women and the emancipation of the planet must go hand in hand. 

Rape of women and children
Domestic violence, femicide
Racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia
Trans/Queer bashing
Poverty and destitution
Hunger and homelessness
Austerity and social cleansing
Benefit sanctions
Sexist/racist wage gap
Zero hour contracts and slave wages
Mother and child separation
Forced child contact with violent fathers
Forced adoptions
Detention and deportation
Trump, May and the 1%
Union bashing
Shoot to kill
Deaths in police custody
Criminalisation of poverty
Criminalisation of sex work
Criminalisation of protest
Imprisonment of mothers, children
and non-violent offenders
NHS privatisation
Education fees
Grammar schools
Corporate land grabs
Fracking, mining, nuclear and polluting energies
GMOs and pesticides
Animal experiments and intensive farming
Billionaire tax dodgers
Arming dictators and warmongers
Rendition and torture
War and occupation
Global warming and environmental devastation
The domination of the market
Valuing every life
Women’s and children’s lives matter
Black lives matter
A living wage for all workers
Financial recognition for unwaged caring work
A living wage for mothers and other carers
Rights for domestic workers
Equal pay for work of equal value internationally
Paid maternity leave
Support for breastfeeding
Reinstatement of benefits
Quality care& independent living for older &disabled people
Low-rent homes, a cap on rents and investment properties
Safety and protection for all
Reuniting children with their mothers
Close Yarl’s Wood and all detention centres
Free movement of people
The right to asylum and the right to stay
The right to protest
The right to form unions
Human rights defenders and whistleblowers
Legal aid and access to justice
Justice from all violence
Decriminalision of sex work
NHS for all: free and publicly funded
Alternative health in the NHS
Free education for all
Clean air and water, and nutritious food
Indigenous and farming communities
Regenerative farming and food sovereignty
Green energy: leave gas, oil and coal in the ground
Animal rights
Taxing corporations and the rich
A world for the billions not the billionaires
An economy at the service of human beings
Nurturing the planet and all living creatures

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